About Us - Overview

The Institute for Interactive Instruction, Inc. (Institute) is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization which operates in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area providing services across Maryland and nationally.

As a nonprofit organization, established by women, we are dedicated to advocating for all young people as we stand for and speak for youth with the hope of moving them higher on the nation’s agenda. In fostering a youth development model among adults, the Institute will collaborate with stakeholders to shape a vision for youth that appreciates all that is great about young people.

Mission Statement
The Institute is dedicated to creating a fundamental change in the community of organizations, programs, professionals and community members that care for our children, youth and families.
Values of the Institute
The Institute for Interactive Interaction will…
  • Support communities and organizations in the creation of safe, accepting, supportive environments within which young people thrive.
  • Establish a well developed network of strategic partnerships between federal, state, and local government agencies and local faith-based and community-based organizations to expand the reach and frequency of programs and services.
  • Remain responsive to needs expressed by community members, as well as professionals and organizations in the planning and implementation of training and technical assistance.
  • Influence public policy to impact the lives of young people, their families, their communities, and the public and private organizations that serve youth.
  • Create opportunities for young people to develop appropriately (physically, emotionally, socially, behaviorally, cognitively, academically) and have a voice in public policy.
  • Build a framework of comprehensive programs and/or collaborations that connect categorical/targeted programs to assure that a unified youth development approach is adopted and implemented by pivotal institutions.
The Institute’s Vision for the Future
The Institute accepts the social responsibility to connect youth, families, and communities to opportunities, resources, and support necessary for individuals to lead a safe and productive life.

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