Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws

First Component - Youth Awareness

Healthy Marriage and Responsible FatherhoodDesigned to enhance the efforts to prevent underage drinking through educating students ages 12-18 about the dangers of consuming alcohol.

Second Component - Educational Vidoes

Designed to increase youth involvement in preventing underage drinking among peers through awareness, education and the use of modern technology. Youth creativity and involvement in the creation of educational videos to send clear messages that address underage drinking among their peers and concerned public

Third Component - Community Awareness/Engagement

Change societal acceptance, norms and expectations surrounding underage drinking. This project component communicates clear messages in the community that underage drinking is inappropriate and unacceptable. Although, this is not an attempt to develop a formal coalition, it is our goal is to invigorate members of the community to become more involved in to issue of underage drinking.



Children Using Their Voices to Educate About Underage Drinking...
This is the initial public service announcement (PSA) that was created with our first year of funding Grant Number EUDL-2010-1012. This PSA is from Prince George's County, Maryland.





Program Contact

Program Coordinator
Catrice Alphonso
8730-16 Cherry Lane
Laurel, Maryland 20707
(301) 776-4294

This strategy focus heavily on decision making, impulse control, engage youth around issues of life choices that often lead youth to make unhealthy and risky decisions about life management issues.

A core youth development principal integrated in the project is support from caring adults. Through five years of direct service, we have found to have an impact on adolescent behavior requires a multifaceted approach that levels the knowledge-base of many individuals.

New curricula and companion guidebook for youth/ students

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