Helping Youth Progress & Evolve (H.Y.P.E.)

Adopting an Integrated Community Engagement approach, the Institute provides opportunities for youth, families and communities. Each community is responsible for providing a nurturing environment and services for children, youth and families. When a family is not able to meet their emotional, financial or physical needs, community support systems are necessary to protect individuals and strengthen families


The H.Y.P. E. Program integrates a multifaceted approach to reduce risky adolescent behavior. This community-based program is directed at youth, parents and other youth-serving organizations. Many youth strive to complete high school, but lack the direction and support to pursue higher education or career development skills. This is a vulnerable time for this target population who have not developed an action plan for their future. During the transition from full time education to employment youth require the appropriate social, emotional, personal, and vocational skills necessary to achieve their goals.

Program Goals

To provide an integrated approach to positive youth development that provides youth with the fundamental skills to live healthy productive lives. This project involves adults taking an active role in investing in the minds and talents of youth who are making difficult life choice to cultivate positive life experiences and opportunities.

Project Design

The staff guides youth (males and females) through a series of activities that teach interpersonal and communication skills. Youth explore their own values, goals and options to decrease risky behaviors through small group activities (lecture, group discussions, games, and creative expression).

Seminars or Workshops

Interactive seminars or workshops are useful means of getting adults, children and teens to talk about tough issues plaguing our communities.

Educational Videos
  • Age Appropriate Play
  • Successful Parenting
  • Sex Smart for Teens

Counseling & Referrals

A counselor is available on site to support youth with tough issues. As needed, appropriate referrals will be made to local resources.

Survival Guide

Girls Health:
Have you ever had a question that you were too shy to ask?

Download our Teen Survival Guide to answer this and many more questions...

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health

Peer Educators

Middle and high school students are trained to serve as positive role models and a source of accurate information for their classmates. .
  • Youth ages 12 to 19
  • 10 Week Training required
  • Permission slips required

Youth Leaders

Youth Leader Membership ApplicationElementary, middle or high school students are trained to serve as youth leaders in their community.

Youth will participate on a Youth Advisory Board to provide a youth perspective to program activities.

  • Youth ages 11 to 18
  • 8 Week training required
  • Permission slips required

Talent Showcase

Monthly Tapping Talent Showcase. In collaboration with Laurel Boys & Girls Club, the Institute is providing a safe environment for youth to showcase their talent. Positive messages will be given through song, dance, rap, art, and much more.

  • Youth ages 9 to 19
  • Permission slip required

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