Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood

Healthy Marriage and Responsible FatherhoodThe Maryland Department of Human Resources, in partnership with Campaign For Our Children, Institute for Interactive Instruction, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, and local departments of social services in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties have been awarded a grant to implement the Winning Fathers Project.

The Winning Fathers Project service model includes education for fathers re-entering society after a period of incarceration and their spouses/partners. The project is available to provide a more comprehensive array of services to fathers and their families. The Winning Fathers project promotes responsible fatherhood by implementing healthy marriage/relationship, parenting activities and fostering economic stability through the expansion of the highly successful Winning Fathers program.


The enhanced Winning Fathers Project, through a coordinated effort of Maryland Department of Human Resources and it partners, will address the hurdles faced by incarcerated and ex-offender fathers and their families. The long-term objectives are:

Objectives for Families:

  • Reduce the risk of Out-of-Home Placement
  • Reduce family violence
  • Advance the overall well-being of the children in the household
  • Improve the families’ economic stability
  • Increase potential for economic growth

Objectives for Healthy Marriage:

  • Improve Communication between couples
  • Improve the couples’ ability to resolve conflicts
  • Strengthen the couple’s commitment to increasing marital stability
  • Balance co-parenting responsibilities to reduce risk factors contributing to maltreatment

Objectives for Fathers:

  • Develop healthy relationships in their home and community
  • Develop their ability to resolve conflicts
  • Overcome obstacles and barriers to parenting

Program Goals

The Winning Fathers project helps fathers and their spouses/partners develop healthy marital relationships in their home and community; develop the couples’ ability to resolve conflicts; advance the overall well-being of children in the household and improve the families’ economic stability.

Target Audiences

The project will serve 125 fathers who are incarcerated or ex-offenders and their spouses/partners..


Relationship counseling, parenting skills development, and assistance with child support-related issues to enable fathers to better meet the needs of their children and co-parent effectively. Individualized services address the reduction of family conflict and violence, and are geared to achieve the overall goals of family strengthening and stability. Linkages to faith and community based organizations are utilized to enhance service delivery. Project participation is voluntary and all persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability or religion are eligible.

Program Contact

Program Coordinator
Ronald Nix
(410) 767-7393

The Maryland Fatherhood Initiative is comprised of three distinct employment and supportive services programs, designed to promote the positive emotional and economic involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.

Maryland Department of
Human Resources
Maryland Fathehood Initiative
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Local Projects

Montgomery County
(240) 777-4767

Prince George’s County
(410) 853-3591


Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant: INSERT GRANT NUMBER (90FR0092)

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