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Healthy Mentoring Matters
is a community-based, mentoring program in which youth are appropriately matched with an adult mentor, who are screened and trained, for a one-on-one (one mentor/one youth), friendship-oriented mentoring relationship. The program will match children of incarcerated parents with caring, supportive mentors in Prince George’s County, Maryland communities.

Through a collaborative partnership among community and faith-based organizations, this program will reach a broad audience of youth, parents/legal guardians and mentors who work with program participants.


The Institute for Interactive Instruction, Inc. (Institute) received funding from the Department of Health and Human Services/Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) for the creation and implementation of the Healthy Mentoring Matters ~ Mentoring Children of Prisoners Program (Healthy Mentoring Matters) . The Healthy Mentoring Matters program will train adult volunteers to mentor children and youth, in Prince George’s County, Maryland, whose parents are incarcerated.

Program Goals

Healthy Mentoring Matters will appropriately match youth with incarcerated parents, ages four up to 18, with an adult mentors. This program will incorporate a positive youth development framework as an integral component of the mentoring continuum.

Target Audiences

Mentees - children with one or both parents incarcerated in a local, State, or Federal correctional facility (or referred prior to the parent being released from a correctional facility); and between the ages of four up to age 18 (or referred prior to 18 th birthday).

Mentors - volunteer mentors (no monetary compensation) recruited into the Healthy Mentoring Matters program are loving, caring adults who will guide program participants in the formative years of their life.

Mentoring (Youth Engagement)

Program participants will enjoy a safe and nurturing relationship with caring adults to discover new talents and interests, learn new skills and receive additional support in academic and non- academic activities. All program activities will be age appropriate; for example, high school students could focus on skill development, job readiness training, and opportunities for students to participate in experiences that prepare them for a career or higher education. The program will also provide activities that give students the skills and opportunities to positively interact with peers and form appropriate social bonds. Loving, caring adults will serve as positive role models for youth. By creating an enriching, encouraging, and comfortable environment youth develop positive attachments to mentors. This sense of attachment can lead to increased school attendance, improved school performance and positive pro-social behaviors. Parents/legal guardians will have a piece of mind knowing their youth are engaged in structured, youth development activities.

Be the Change: Mentor a Child

“We need your service, right now,” President Barack Obama declares in a public service announcement urging his fellow Americans to “Be the Change: Mentor a Child,” as part of the observance of National Mentoring Month, a campaign held each year to recruit volunteer mentors to help young people achieve their full potential. The campaign's chief sponsors have launched a new Web site to help people learn more about mentoring and join in related activities.
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Volunteer Mentor Opportunities Available
Apply today to be matched for a one-on-one (one mentor/one youth), friendship-oriented mentoring relationship.

Refer a Child

Mentee Eligibility
  • Youth ages four up to 18; living in Prince George’s County, Maryland
  • Have an incarcerated parent in local, State or Federal correctional facility
  • Participate in 60 minute “ mentee” orientation meeting
  • Complete mentee survey profile
  • Participate in weekly interactions with mentor
  • Participate in monthly support group training and social activities


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